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In Praise Of…

Anne Chafer writes a poem expressing the fundamental love in her life


It’s been so long, my love,

but I haven’t yet found a perfume

that reminds me of you.


I’ve felt you on my fingertips,

inhaled you after midnight

welcomed you into my days.

You’ve been by my side

almost fourteen years,

subtle yet always there

and you linger in the air

making me run to you

longing to have you back.


Stay by my side next time,

sing my body electric

give me your ecstatic comfort

and pour ink all over me,

dripping hedonistic prose

and then vanish after intimacy,

Whispering into my ear

just how transient

you will always be.


It’s only a shame

no one who’s captured it

can bring me the smell of books.

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