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How to beat the January blues

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So, you’ve found yourself at that point of the year again. The Christmas celebrations are long gone, and you only just managed to part ways with your New Year’s Day hangover. The bright lights and laughter seem to have magically disappeared, replaced by the gloom and doom of the ‘January blues.’ The pile of unopened revision on your desk now serves as an unpleasant reminder of the upcoming exam week as you become more aware of the unthinkable: the days of Netflix binging and overeating are over, and the ghost of study past begins to haunt your mind.

the ghost of study past begins to haunt your mind

Starting a long term off with an exam week can seem immensely daunting. The days of home-cooked food and lie-ins are replaced by sleepless nights and microwaveable meal deals. You may find yourself stuck in a lifeless limbo, floating between your bed and campus, all while attempting to navigate your way through your many (or very few) exams without breaking down too much. But fear not, for once your exams end, you will only have a couple of weeks until your next stress wave!

All in all, it feels like the pain university often brings just won’t end, so it’s no surprise that such a thought is bound to bring out a couple of tears and a desire to retreat to your bed for the day. Although it’s difficult to simply cast away the dark and dreary January days, there are some things you can do to help alleviate the discouraging misery that often comes with the beginning of the year.

First and foremost, remember to find the time for a little bit of self-care. It’s important to allow yourself to breathe whenever you feel overwhelmed, so simple comforting activities such as watching a movie, reading a book or taking a bath are great at allowing your mind to switch off for a little bit. Furthermore, although the darker days make your room seem a lot more appealing, it’s important to get out of the house from time to time for a change of scenery and to soak up the limited amounts of vitamin D the English sun can offer. Try to organise an outing with a friend or simply go for a refreshing walk down to the Quay.

Even a simple plan for the near future could give you something to look forward to as you endure the colder months. Look forward to the future trips to Exmouth that come with the warmer spring temperatures or see if there are any concerts or gallery openings near Exeter that you can look forward to.

However, another (and often forgotten) aspect of the January blues is the feeling of failure and hopelessness that can sometimes come with the New Year. Perhaps you haven’t fulfilled any of the New Year resolutions you set out for yourself for the previous year. That is completely okay. I hardly know anyone who has managed to carry through with every single resolution they set out for themselves for that specific year. It may just be that those particular plans did not suit your needs or wellbeing, so forgetting one, two, or all of your resolutions will not mean the end of the world. You managed to get through the year, and that’s the most important resolution for us all.

Two dreary months are worth the sunny semi-freedom that awaits us all in the Spring

So, don’t fret and take care of yourselves. Two dreary months are worth the sunny semi-freedom that awaits us all in the Spring. If you can get through the deadlines, exams and excessive amounts of pot noodles, then surely you can survive the darkest time of the year.

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