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Trends I Hate – Barely There Heels

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Impracticality – 4/5
Unsightliness – 1/5
Suitablility – 3/5

It’s autumn, so you’d think cosy yet cute, fur-lined booties would be in. You would be wrong. Instead, the fashion powers-that-be have decided in all their holy wisdom that what we really want right now is to be exposing almost our entire feet to the elements, come hell or high water (literally, in the case of Exeter – we’re a flood risk, you know).

Moving on from the potential case of frostbite, barely there heels are possibly the worst thing to wear unless you’re some Hollywood socialite who doesn’t have to move from their mansion, and even then there’s still a risk; with your feet almost completely exposed, the chance of someone stepping on and potentially hurting you skyrockets. Clubs have become a battleground for feet as girls try desperately to not break their or anyone else’s
toes. Plus if you’re like me and you just want to get a nice pair of heels that don’t require you to paint your toenails, they simply cannot be found. Here’s hoping the powers that be actually talk a walk outside of whatever creative space they’re in and realise that the time for full-coverage heels is now.

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