Exeter, Devon UK • Dec 5, 2023 • VOL XII

Exeter, Devon UK • [date-today] • VOL XII
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I’m a feline, get meow-t of here

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Our day is always just that little bit improved when we have the opportunity to pet some animals, isn’t it? Thankfully, we’ve got a few roaming around the grounds – here are some ratings on recent encounters!

Friendly Ginger Bread

This friendly ginger cat has been seen roaming around Forum Hill, Poole Gate, and Queens. His hobbies include belly rubs and cuddles. The thing about Friendly Ginger Bread is that when he wants affection, he knows he deserves it. Whether he has met you before or not, he will jump on your lap for some sweet cuddles and will pull his claws out if the stroking stops for some reason.
Adorable score: ★★★★★
Friendly score: ★★★★½
Needy score: ★★★★★

Image: Jessica Bains-Lovering

The Dark Knight

This black cat is suspected to reside near Duryard but his newest favourite spot to hang out is probably the Forum Library. The Dark Knight can be found creeping on desks or curling underneath you while you are studying. Unlike Friendly Ginger Bread, the Dark Knight does not enjoy being picked up or persistent stroking. He will run away from you and seek attention from other humans when things get ‘a bit much’.
Adorable score: ★★★★★
Friendly score: ★★★☆☆
Needy score: ★☆☆☆☆

Image: Barnabas Balint

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