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Trends I Hate – Super Chunky Trainers

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Impracticality – 3/5
Unsightliness – 4/5
Suitablility – 1/5

Look, I’m girl who likes heels. A boost to their height is always welcome, and I’m not much of a stiletto girl either – show me a chunky platform heel and I will show you a shoe I am in love with. However, with fashion, as with everything else in life, it is important to recognise when we have gone too far, and I am here to tell you that we have gone too far.
I was introduced to the concept of super chunky trainers by my sister. Her personal styles involves a lot of excellent thrift-shop finds and mom jeans, and I will say that on her, these trainers look as good as they possibly can. However, they still look like someone saw a walking boot and thought to themselves: ‘this is good, but how can I make it even chunkier’. Fashionable, walking boots are not. You have to have a very certain personal style in order to pull these shoes off, and even then you run the risk of looking like your feet are 3 times the size that they actually are, on account of the extreme platforms that appear to take over both the front and bottom of the shoes. The amount of rubber soling on them just makes them a bit like a trainer having an allergic reaction.
Additionally, one cannot help but see the irony in this – the running shoe, a typically easy and comfortable thing to run and/or walk in has been transformed into an ungainly monster not unlike the Moschino Crocs (google them if you haven’t seen them before, you won’t regret it). Whilst I’m not arguing that all fashion must be practical, I think I may have to draw the line here. I’m all for a good platform, but I’d much prefer it to be a Creeper than trainer.

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