Single Review: Of Monsters and Men – Alligator

Alexia Oerter reviews Of Monsters and Men's latest single


The first song of Of Monsters and Men’s next album Fever Dream has just been released after a four-year-long absence. I expected quite a lot from the band as they made us wait for so long
since their last album Beneath The Skin which came out in 2015.

Their new single ‘Alligator’ did not disappoint. Like most of their songs, the chorus is memorable and impassioned, which made me think of their song ‘Crystals’ in a similar way. This is
not surprising as the producers of ‘Alligator’ also produced ‘Beneath The Skin’. Overall, the sound is fierce, filled with tension and fuelled by overdriven guitars as the voice reaches for ultimate freedom.

“We are so excited about Alligator, the first release from our
upcoming album,” the band jointly stated to NME. “The song very much speaks to the excitement and energy that we feel about being back. We can’t wait to share more music and see everyone again.”

Quite different from their debut album which includes essentials such as ‘Dirty Paws’ and ‘Little Talks’, the band has walked away from their original folk style to assert a darker rock identity
which they started building up with their last album. Fever Dream promises to be a strong comeback for the Icelandic band, reflecting the confidence they have expressed on their new work.

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