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Trends for SS19

Aakruthi Karri explores some of her favourite trends for Summer 2019.
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It’s summer time once again! The time of the year where the days get shorter and the nights gets longer. The time to spend days on the beach with friends and family getting a beautiful tan. However, the best part about the summer is its fashion; from Birkenstocks sandals to crop tops and mini skirts. It seems that the fashion, this year is quite different, to the years before. Firstly, a trend which is rather new would be: The oversized hat. These could be bought at any high street shop. One of the benefits is that it would be providing protection to the roots of the hair as well as the face and eyes. Consequently, it would be preventing further grey hairs from growing due to the effects of UV rays.

The next trend I will discuss is what is known as the ‘sensible shorts’. It looks like the trend is leaning more towards high-waisted shorts as well as longer length shorts, as opposed to previous years where shorts were not so long. A couple of years ago, I bought a pair of these shorts, since then it has become one of my favourite items of summer clothing, since it can be worn with any top and still maintain a fashionable look.

Image: Aakruthi Karri

The bow at the top of the jeans gives a classy look. To top it off, one could wear a plain white top. It would be a simple but decent look for the summer. It turns out, that Bows are also a summer trend, which gives another reason to buy these shorts.

The final fashion trend to be covered is Tie-Dye. It looks like the trend from the 1970’s is finally back in fashion, making this summer a rather funky one. Tie-dying t-shirts would be an enjoyable summer hobby for a rainy or drab day. It would look good on a beach day, or brunch with friends. This trend is very much recommended.

Shoes-wise, fancy flats are being recommended, which is quite a dramatic shift from wearing heels. However, they tend to be more comfortable. It seems quite odd that sandals are not being regarded as fashionable. On the other hand, any new changes should be fully accepted.

Image: Aakruthi Karri

Lastly, my personal taste in fashion will be looked at. I tend to be a person who likes to wear crop tops and skirts combined with my converse.  Although I like summer hats, I have never owned one. Here is a photo of something I like to wear on a warm summer’s day.

My taste in fashion is quite different and slightly unique when compared to the current fashion trends. Everyone’s taste in fashion is different and should be accepted.

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