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Single Review: Gabrielle Aplin – Kintsugi

Nicola Chappel reviews Gabrielle Aplin's latest single
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Nicola Chappel reviews Gabrielle Aplin’s latest single

After announcing the release date of her new album, Dear Happy, British singer-songwriter Gabrielle Aplin continues to develop her sound with her latest single ‘Kintsugi.’ In a contrast to the English Rain songs that found her fame, Aplin continues her journey of forming a more potent and quirky pop sound.

The song starts off with a slower tempo alongside Aplin’s mesmerising and emotive vocals, in which she conveys ideas of hurting and consequently healing. As the tempo builds, we are treated to an infectious and catchy chorus that builds to an uplifting sound. The word ‘Kintsugi’ refers to the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery; encouraged by her time in Japan, Gabrielle uses this concept as inspiration to create a relatable metaphor about healing our scars after being “underneath the weather.” Celebrating her scars as “golden,” Aplin recognises the beauty of self-development and recovery, with “even when I mess up, that mess up is still me” reminding the listener to not be ashamed of their past mistakes or faults because it makes them who they are. Perhaps these lyrics are not only a testament to her own journey, but also to current issues of self-love and care within today’s society.

the strength of the single originates from her raw lyrics and its jaunty piano melody

Aplin’s angelic verse vocals create a haunting sense of honesty, but it is inevitably the chorus’ upbeat tempo that leads to a single that is both celebratory and uplifting. Unsurprisingly, the strength of the single originates from her raw lyrics and its jaunty piano melody. Leaving us with a catchy melody stuck in our heads, Gabrielle Aplin’s ‘Kintsugi’ showcases her continuing progression to a bolder and more mature sound, clearly following on from her last album, Light up the Dark. It is a single that leaves us highly anticipating the release of her first album in five years.

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