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University marks Black History Month

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To mark Black History Month, the university will be putting on a series of events across October on topics such as black history in the UK and intersectionality’s links to disability, mental health, LGBTQ+, and gender.

Black History Month is a celebration on a nationwide scale to strive for change and further inclusion.

Launching off the celebrations was Origins of Black History Month – an analysis of its heritage and contemporary necessity. Tracing its original aims, the academic talks will delve into its global development alongside and how racism seeps throughout institutions. 

Talks with a more personal scope will include writer and student Ikenna Onyebuchi’s personal accounts of growing up in two opposing cultures in Storm– Identity and Mental Health, and performances revolving around landscape from poets in Environments, Bodies and Archives. Performed plays will include Black Men Walking, on Black British stories, and Alright Petal?– an emerging artist ensemble sowing intersectional feminism with flowers.

More interactive events such as Black British History and South Asian Solidarities will provide the opportunity for discussion.

The university’s full programme of events can be found on their website.


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