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Spring/Summer 2020 Trend Watch

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SS20 Trend Watch

Freya Insoll scrutinises her top picks from the recent Fashion Week

While Exeter may still be in the grips of the second coming of the Ice (aka. rain) Age, London is already looking ahead to the balmier climes of Spring/Summer 2020. The runways dictate we should soon throw off our old North Face puffer jackets and embrace our gold lamé power suits (à la JW Anderson) and nostalgically neon 70’s dresses (thanks be to Marc Jacobs). Your Spring/Summer 2020 wardrobe should be centred on sharp tailoring, oversized eleganza and bright colours – you heard it here first.

In case you hadn’t guessed, tailoring was the standout (and most wearable) trend of the season; the suit has been making its presence known this year, doing away with the previously corporate stereotype to make way for a newer, sleeker and more versatile aesthetic. On the runway this was best seen in the offerings of Proenza Schouler, with their 80’s inspired silhouettes and softly draped pieces making a strong case for the power of a simple suit; Vogue described the looks as ‘bad ass’ – something you’d be hard pressed to disagree with. Victoria Beckham presented a somewhat more varied and exotic take on the suit; her looks ranged from a white salsa-ing lothario three-piece (complete with black necktie), to a more Sherlockian houndstooth two-piece.

While these extravagant looks have made a style splash, you don’t need to have the desire to emulate a 19th century detective to be in on the trend. Tailoring has been trickling down off the runways onto the high street for the past few months; you now don’t need to depend on your mum’s guidance in M&S for tailored pieces as many ‘younger’ brands such as Topshop and Zara are providing sharp suits and standout shirts. However, if you want to nail the tailoring trend on a budget, then charity shops can be a haven of pre-loved and on trend pieces.

If you’re tired of the omnipresent flares and fleeces of Exeter, then just hold out for Spring, as its arrival brings an opportunity to showcase your oversized, over-tailored and most extravagant of looks

Another trend prevailing over the S/S 20 catwalks was oversized extravaganza; London’s own Richard Quinn produced a joy inducing collection of oversized, fantastical and elegant outfits. The gothic puffball feather skirts wouldn’t go amiss on a (demurely dressed) Bond girl as much as the intricately beaded balloon dresses could be worn by any Marie Antoinette copycat – possibly not that well suited to a 9am hike up forum hill, but lust inducing nonetheless. Managing to somehow ramp up the notion of oversized to an even more extreme level, Emilia Wickstead sent (what can only be described as) a pink egg of a dress down the runway. It’s a need, not a want.

But you don’t need to go out dressed as a replica of a spherical blueberry to get the oversized trend nailed; this surprisingly versatile and practical trend is as perfect for Spring as it is for Winter. While the temperatures are still miserably low, think oversized, cavernous jumpers and bell-shaped sleeves; at the first peek of Spring, incorporate voluminous mini dresses and lampshade-like skirts – a look also known as comfort personified. If you truly want to be the campus queen or king of volume, then take a leaf out of Emilia’s book and encase yourself in pink chiffon from the neck down, with a bit of extra padding for good measure.

So if you’re tired of the omnipresent flares and fleeces of Exeter, then just hold out for Spring, as its arrival brings an opportunity to showcase your oversized, over-tailored and most extravagant of looks. If a-la-ronde is your look du jour then enjoy the spotlight, it’s round for a reason.

Cover image: Garry Knight https://www.flickr.com/photos/garryknight/39696748224/in/photostream/

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