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Up and Comers: Echo Hotel

Print Music Editor Bridie Adams interviews Jack Holliday of Echo Hotel about their first single and their upcoming music.
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Up and Comers: Echo Hotel

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Print Music Editor Bridie Adams interviews Jack Holliday of Echo Hotel about their first single and their upcoming music.

Alternative rock band Echo Hotel is made up of a group of ex Exeter students who have recently released their first single, ‘Nocturne (For Jack & Jill)’, which was recorded at Kay House on Streatham Campus! As the next part of my series of interviews with ‘undiscovered’ musicians, I asked drummer Jack Holliday about the band’s creative processes, key influences and long-term plans. 

What was the creative process of making your first single like? 

Jack Holliday: The song had been written for a couple of years before we came to recording it and it has also taken two separate studio sessions to get a sound we’re happy with. The version you hear on the single was created down in Exeter in the Kay House studio, which we knew about from studying at the university ourselves. I suppose our creative process was locking ourselves in Kay House (it was during the summer, so we had the place all to ourselves) and trying everything and anything to get the sound we were happy with (including having a ridiculous twenty mic setup for recording the drums). Most of that was down to the talented producer we worked with, Jonathon Segar. 

Are you planning an album? What’s on the cards for Echo Hotel next? 

Holliday: We’re not planning an album just yet, but our first single is going to be accompanied by another three as part of an EP which we are going to trickle out as the year goes on. 

What can you tell me about the other singles you’ve got coming out? What’s the vibe like on them? 

Holliday: We have tried to keep each track varied so there will be a plethora of vibes to come, however it’s worth noting all three of the coming songs are all accompanied by a rich brass section. 

there will be a plethora of vibes to come

What are your key influences as a band? 

Holliday: Ed, the singer, has a running joke about wanting to be Thom Yorke of Radiohead, so obviously they are an influence on our music and as a band also hailing from Exeter University it feels serendipitous. I think for me Arctic Monkeys are also a big influence. I’m a big fan of Matt Helder’s big drumming style and try to bring a bit of that into our tunes as well. 

What’s the long-term goal for the band? Is this something you all want as a career or just for fun? 

Holliday: We want to do this long term. Playing music is what we want to do. 

Check out Echo Hotel on Instagram (@_echohotel_) and on Spotify! 

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