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A Definitive Ranking of Exeter’s Club Music

Online Music Editor Holly Lamb gives her verdict on the music scene in Exeter's clubs.
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A Definitive Ranking of Exeter’s Club Music

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Online Music Editor Holly Lamb gives her verdict on the music scene in Exeter’s clubs.

With Exeter’s night-out reputation being notorious for the presence of pint downing rugby boys who ‘bleed green’, and who later (which means around 11:30 as everyone is practically tucked up in bed by 2) vomit their fifth VK across the dance floor over some poor fresher girl from Surrey, it’s extremely tricky to break the stereotype and truly explore the reality of club music in Exeter. 

Here goes the definitive ranking of club music in Exeter, prepare yourself… it could be controversial. Remember- it is about the music, not the location, drinks, or even the audience.


The king of club music, although few may agree, Move is home to jungle, dnb, disco, and funk. Having hosted the likes of Cousn, O’Flynn, and Jungle Cakes, Move is for the lovers of music, the kind of music that you can dance to all night long. Critics call it a dingy basement, I call it a basement of beautiful memories. Look out for more Groove Co. nights next year, these are not to be missed.


A glorious cave hidden around the corner of Gandy Street, Cavern is far more intimate. Eponymous for hosting new events and DJs such as Redemption and NMPE, the nights shared here are largely techno-fuelled and full of energy. Even as you sit on the cobbled street to share a cigarette or simply have an enlightened conversation with people you have only just met, you can hear the booming music below as it reverberates against the stone walls.


One of Exeter’s largest club venues, Phoenix is home to events such as Sister Sounds and Our House, which showcase the very best of Exeter’s DJ scene. If you’re looking for somewhere with a louder atmosphere, bigger sounds, and ultimately bigger scenes of people, then Phoenix is for you. 


What would this ranking be without Fever? People love to hate it, but really this 2 room club has a special place in practically every fresher’s heart. Whether you go on Monday or Thursday, Fever is entirely oxymoronic. Room 1 presents typical chart-topping club music which anyone can dance to after their fifth jagerbomb, or as most discover, Room 2 is the complete epitome of cringe and cheese (but we all secretly adore it). Fever offers a double whammy, one that is hard to pass off when practically all of Exeter have flocked there.


Far lower down the list comes TP. Whilst most are probably far too inebriated to even hear the music, TP has no distinct musical atmosphere, it’s as if a 40 year old DJ has clicked shuffle on basically every Now That’s What I Call Music Album and just let it play. So why would you even pay £5 to go upstairs, downstairs is a migraine enough. In essence, TP’s music is indistinct, marginally irritating, and mostly aggravating for anyone who actually appreciates the varying musical genres.

The Lemongrove

Bottom of the pile, the Lemmy epitomises a school disco which has collided with every chart song in the top 100. The muffled acoustics across the two dance floors create a frequent blur of David Guetta, Katy Perry, or even Dua Lipa. Ultimately, if you love music then the Lemmy probably is not for you, this is the hunting ground for VK drinkers looking for something rather different than music on a Saturday night. 

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