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Single Review: The Magic Gang – Make Time For Change

Megan Frost writes a review of The Magic Gang's latest single.
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Single Review: The Magic Gang – Make Time For Change

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Make Time For Change’ is the fourth single released from The Magic Gang’s upcoming album Death of the Party. The four-piece band from Brighton last released an album in 2018 and releasing so many singles after two years has fuelled excitement, particularly as their recent pieces are all airy summer anthems. 

zestful melodies and lyrics

The Magic Gang’s latest follows the same vein as ‘Take Back The Track’, another single they recently released, since both have zestful melodies and lyrics. Interestingly, both ‘Take Back The Track’ and ‘Make Time For Change’ even have similar titles: both are imperatives as though directly addressed to audiences, giving them a message. There is certainly a clear message to ‘Make Time For Change’ as it’s an uplifting piece all about self-care, encouraging listeners to see friends and embrace loving “the person that you are”. Fuelling this positive lyrical energy, the single begins with jumpy drums and upbeat trumpet riffs that guide the song. The Magic Gang also dabble with trumpets here – something they also use in the recent dreamy piece ‘Think’, but to a lesser extent. Trumpets are the forefront of ‘Make Time For Change’: a fitting instrument for the get-up-and-go message.

The animated single aligns itself with the melodious pieces released so far; all of which have built eager anticipation for whether the band will be able to keep this stamina across a whole album.

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