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Henry Jordan shares his favourite memories of lockdown gaming.
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Group Gaming

GTA V- official trailer- Rockstar Games

Henry Jordan shares his favourite memories of lockdown gaming.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been out since 2013 and the online component is… Well, it’s completely broken. Other players have paid real life money to buy in-game money and in turn bought flying cars, ray guns and yachts. Dropping into a random game is one of the worst ideas you could possibly have in 2020. However, playing it with four friends, on a private server? As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the greatest ideas I’ve had this year.

When playing GTA 5 as a group, primarily what you’re going to be doing is setting up assorted companies and running jobs. An early example would be that the CEO buys four really nice and expensive cars and the other players have to drive them to a ‘pick-up’ location without damaging them. This all seems fairly standard but unfortunately, I am TERRIBLE at video games; before my friend Louis could finish saying “please be careful with the cars”, I was launching myself over the side of the road and trying to teach a sports car to swim, while everyone else failed to contain their laughter.

Heists are the other main component of multiplayer, which are all well and good by themselves, but are made excellent by a pre-heist shopping spree. If you’re really going to be an efficient heist team, you need a shopping montage and funnier than all the times I launched through the window of my car and into a gang shootout was everyone presenting their newly clothed monstrosities pre-mission. I can still remember a few of my outfits, like the Mustard Menace (a neon yellow business suit) and my Yee-Haw biker phase. Getting to unleash my monstrosities on Los Santos with my friends made those already great gaming experiences legendary.

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