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Exeter will have county’s first community testing centre

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Exeter will have county’s first community testing centre

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Eleanor Down discusses a new testing centre in Exeter that will test people without symptoms, it will be the first introduced in the county.

The third lockdown is upon us and despite the growing availability of the vaccine, many of us will not be able to access it for quite some time. To prevent the virus from spreading in the interim the Government are opening community test centres, for people without symptoms, all over the country. Here, in Exeter, will be the first site in Devon. 

At Exeter County Hall a test centre will be opening at the end of January. This centre will be offering rapid ‘lateral flow tests’, which provide results within 30 minutes. This speedy form of testing has been introduced to find and prevent those who might have COVID-19 but are not experiencing symptoms, from spreading the virus. 

As always, critical workers, vulnerable people and those in contact with these members of the public will have priority. Further information regarding your eligibility for the test is available on the Devon County Council website. For those with symptoms, you are still able to book your test on the government website or via the university. 

This centre is the first of many, but there will be many more to come as the council plans to open more centres in Devon throughout the following months of February and March. 

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