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Percy Pig Pancakes – Unpalatably Pink

Caitlin Barr gives her honest review of the newest Percy Pig creation
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Percy Pig Pancakes- Unpalatably Pink

Image: Caitlin Barr

Caitlin Barr gives her honest review of the newest Percy Pig creation

This weekend, I ventured out to Marks & Spencer’s, partially to get some bougie baking ingredients but mostly to get Percy Pig Pancakes. Yes, you read that right. M&S announced that they’d be releasing Percy Pig themed pancakes in time for Pancake Day and my interest was immediately piqued. As a fan of the big pig, I was keen to see how the taste of a Percy Pig would be transferred to one of my favourite breakfasts.

First, the visuals: the pinkest thing you’ve ever seen. My phone couldn’t capture just how Percy-pink these were. Somehow, they were also brown with the occasional slightly purplish spot? Baffling.

Next, let’s talk about the smell. On the one hand, a standard Scotch pancake smell. Good start. Then, saccharine scents started to assault my nostrils and I knew the next few minutes would be characterised by having to gulp down sickly-sweet sponge.

Finally, the all-important taste. I drizzled my pancakes in Percy Pig ‘dessert sauce’ (yes, I’m dedicated) and tucked in. I am gutted to announce that they are a bit gross. Even worse was the sauce, which I can only describe as pink sugary gloop. I finished them, but a part of me regrets it.

My advice is: if you love Percy Pigs, go ahead and try these! But don’t be disappointed when your expectations are dashed and you feel the onset of a cavity.


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