Exeter, Devon UK • Sep 26, 2023 • VOL XII
Exeter, Devon UK • Sep 26, 2023 • VOL XII
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Forum Pret A Manger To Close and Relocate

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The branch of Pret a Manger currently in forum is to close and be moved to the foyer of Holland Hall. The move comes after a group of Holland students petitioned the university, saying that the majority of their customers already lived in Holland anyway, and that they were getting tired of having to walk down the hill and back up just to get coffee. The group was spearheaded by Titania Mussington-Chalk who said:

‘It is just not reasonable for us to have to walk all the way to forum to get our coffee. We are funding the damn place as it is already, so we should have it as close to us as it can be.’

When Exeposé asked about the potential impact upon other students who might live further away in town, Titania said:

‘There are other students here?’

Alexander Chundle, another Holland student who fought hard to move Pret, said that he felt that since they were paying a premium for their accommodation, they deserved the best access to the campus outlets.

‘My father didn’t shell out the extra money for Holland just so I can make instant coffee in my sink. I need somewhere to spend my allowance and I need my morning espresso – comprende?’

A statement from the university management said that it will be moved in segments over the summer, and should be fully installed in its new home up in Holland in time for September. Exeposé spoke to Alan Key, a senior manager of campus services, about the task ahead of him and his team. He said:

‘Well a lot of their coffee is decaffeinated now, so that should make it easier to carry up the hill. It’s not an easy job though, one of my team put his back out trying to lift a sack of frappé mix.’

When asked if the incoming freshers should expect to be ‘ready to eat’ in time for September, Alan didn’t appear to get the joke, and gave our reporter a funny look.

Work to move Pret a Manger begins on 32 June.

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