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Archie Lockyer’s Oscars Predictions 2022

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Archie Lockyer’s Oscars Predictions 2022

Spencer trailer – NEON

Archie Lockyer considers the recently announced nominations for the 94th Academy Awards and offers his predictions for the big three categories.

It’s that time of year again: the time we all collectively gather around the
television to see what a bunch of Hollywood elitists with a flimsy understanding of film deem the ‘best picture’ of the past year. I’ve always been a fan of the pomp and ceremony of The Oscars, despite the fact that I constantly have to remind myself how utterly meaningless and inaccurate they are. Yet, this year comes as the first where I’ve felt considerably less interest than usual.

Maybe it’s the blandness of the nominees – I could’ve seen them coming from a mile away. Power of The Dog, Don’t Look Up and Licorice Pizza were all obviously going to receive nominations and the only real light in the darkness has been Denis Villeneuve’s Dune receiving a nod for Best Picture. Alas, the likelihood of its winning is doubtful.

Best Actor – Benedict Cumberbatch, The Power of the Dog

Despite Power of The Dog in my opinion being a perfectly well-made picture. It didn’t particularly stick with me. The only thing I really have to say about it is that ‘it’s good’. Yet Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance remains with me; I believe his work here will triumph over his nearest competitor, Andrew Garfield. Cumberbatch’s portrayal of this frightening, taunting bully in Phil Burbank is gripping.

Best Actress – Kristen Stewart, Spencer

This race is a blowout: for her fantastic portrayal of Princess Diana, Kristen Stewart has it in the bag. Although Penelope Cruz’s performance in Parallel
is sensational, the Academy’s penchant for going with what they know means it’s not so much a race as a wait for Stewart. Even so, her portrayal of Diana is tragically beautiful and remains totally deserving.

Best Picture – The Power of the Dog

The way I see it, only three films have a chance for Best Picture: The Power of the Dog, Belfast and Licorice Pizza. All three have a solid ‘path’ with other nominations in all the right fields (Best Editing, Best Director, etc.). However my burning hatred for Kenneth Branagh’s work prevents me from accepting anything of his work being deemed the ‘best’. So, Power of The Dog probably has it. A completely expected win.

Regardless, be sure to tune in next year for more apathetic predictions!

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