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The Music of Autumn

Lisette Reed, Print Comment Editor, discusses her top artist picks to feel in the autumnal mood.
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It’s autumn, time to listen to a variety of incredibly niche, seasonally themed playlists. When I think of autumnal music, my mind immediately goes to the likes of The Cure, Hozier and Arlo Parks. All of these artists’ songs hold special memories for me, all relating to autumn. Whether it’s listening to Arlo Parks’ album Collapsed in Sunbeams on my walk up to campus each September, or hearing Hozier’s entire discography and feeling like I should be a fairy, sitting on a toadstool in the rain, these musicians are the soundtrack to my autumn.  

I listen to The Cure the most during autumn time, when term’s re-starting, and the leaves are getting crispier; I feel like I’m living my own Rory Gilmore-esque life. The Cure’s music is warm and sentimental, with emotional lyrics, usually featuring the phrase “she said” about 20 times. I think the reason I associate The Cure with Autumn so much is because their music always feels like a fresh start in a familiar place. Their songs feature distinctive chords and sounds but always sound a little different from the last one, similar to how a new academic year feels. Everything’s relatively the same, but there are new additions, and it somehow feels different than last time. 

I associate The Cure with Autumn… because their music always feels like a fresh start in a familiar place

I think there is no questioning Hozier as an autumn artist- he literally sings about nature and its changing states for a living. As I mentioned before, Hozier’s music makes you feel like a mystical creature, exploring a forest. His music is earthy, yet cosy, and his deep, gentle voice is so incredibly relaxing. Hozier’s discography is the musical equivalent of watching the rain, whilst you’re inside and tucked up in the warm. For the most autumnal listening experience, I highly recommend his self-titled album, Hozier, from 2014. 

Lastly, there is Arlo Parks; her music is for warm autumn days, where the sun is shining but it’s still chilly outside. Parks’ music encapsulates autumn in its relaxed nature – her music is mellow and chilled out, but still has a catchy beat. Her lyrics are poetic and the best way you can describe her sound is sweet. It feels like eating a cinnamon swirl – sweet but still earthy and woody. 

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