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Home Satire “Where is Domino’s?”: returning students left disappointed by Welcome Week

“Where is Domino’s?”: returning students left disappointed by Welcome Week

Maddie Conlan reports on students left pizza-less during this year's Welcome Week.
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Dominoes pizza via Wikicommons

In the perilous time period before the beloved student loan hits our bank accounts, returning Exeter students know that there is one thing we can rely on: the free Domino’s pizza from the fresher’s fair. Alas, this year when second years and third years made the trek up Forum Hill, huffing and puffing and dreaming of doughy glory, they were met with the utmost disappointment.

There was no cheesy salvation to be found. So, calves burning, the students had to turn around and walk home tomato-less and afraid. The lack of pizza was not the only disappointment to grace these hallowed and flooded halls. Maybe the cherished dominos would appear later in the week?

Rather than raiding the University for free tote bags on Thursday and Friday, freshers were allowed free reign of random tat in the newly branded Welcome Week. They swarmed the halls in waves for days. The flyers were endless, the tote bags were dwindling, and by Wednesday the joy of hoarding post-it notes and pins that will never see the light of day became replaced by dread.

Wistful returning students, days from now chatting over a full-price pizza, will talk about how the fresher’s fair will never be the same again.

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