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Alfresco Learning

With RAAC in all the news headlines, what could this mean for Exeter's Uni campuses?
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As our incredibly competent government fends off claims that school buildings have been left into disrepair and made with low quality materials, we have no choice but to reflect on the buildings on our campus. The hypermodern and luxurious buildings, that our yearly 10 grand fees go towards maintaining, can leave a lot to be desired.

When I say this, I of course mean the (highly appropriately named) Old Library, whose musty classrooms and rickety stairs truly show that our money is clearly being put to good use. Once the inevitable downfall of the Old Library arrives, I would not be surprised if our Chancellor advertised this as Alfresco learning; a valid option to those subjects that aren’t deemed ‘room worthy.’ This announcement would surely arrive alongside the reassurance to “wrap up warm in these unprecedented times”.

Naturally, it would then be the ‘University Wellbeing’s’ turn to preach about all the benefits Alfresco Learning would have on your mental health. Perhaps we should all adopt Alfresco Learning into our university lives?

And don’t even get me started on the 50-year-old accommodation that is Old Lafrowda. Once it becomes ‘officially’ uninhabitable, I am sure they will be suggesting camping on forum hill!

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