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Napoleon’s purrrfect job

Online International Editor, Agata Koralewska, investigates Napoleon's hunt for a grad job.
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Image Credit: Sabrina Giampieri- Smith

Napoleon, the furry student wannabe, has been spotted hunting for a graduate job instead of his beloved mice. In hope to make serious money when he says his goodbyes to Exeter, every morning he sneaks into the Forum building, trying to camouflage himself as a third-year student. The Career Zone has complained to the university officials about his constant, panicked meowing about his fears of being unemployed in the near future.

Various students have commented that Napoleon is overstepping his boundaries, attending the same assessment centres as them: they have now started to live in fear that the talented feline will “steal their jobs” in the near future. The students also found that, during the assessments, the brave animal aced every trial and impressed all of the staff faster than any student ever could. Part of it was due to his undeniable charm and cuteness. 

He has a vast network of possible employers as he lets anyone stroke his back. The students tremble in fear just at the thought of ever having to compete for a raise with such a lovable individual.

Napoleon’s efforts and the valuable time in the Careers Zone has made him realise what his strengths are: his cute paws and adorable whiskers that guarantee to land him a job in no time, due to how charming he is. He is currently enhancing his LinkedIn profile, looking for that purrrfect job to come his way.

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