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It’s November, and you know what that means…Christmas!

Eloise Grainger delves into one of the biggest contemporary debates: is November too early for Christmas?
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Ahh November…its finally here. The Christmas month is clearly upon us. With the flick of a switch, the Christmas lights are blazing in cities across the UK, with Oxford Street desperate to get on with it, by turning on their decorative lights on the 2nd November. It’s the time of year when shops are in desperate competition with one another, proving that their Christmas display is indeed the place you need to be stopping at when you are rushing to campus late for a lecture, or desperate to get home when it’s incredibly late and dark.  

Even when you do stop by for a browse, not only will your eyes be treated to the Christmas goodies sprinkled around you, but your ears will be blessed with the classic Christmas tunes. I mean, who can blame the stores? Storekeepers simply couldn’t ignore the demands of the Christmas elves… several calls have been made explaining how Santa is under pressure to heat his North Pole home and in desperate need for more time to get Christmas 2023 prepared. Yet another victim of the cost-of-living crisis. With the tight budgets and deadlines, poor Santa needed the extra breathing space of another month; so get ready everyone, November now means Christmas month, part 1! 

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