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Best Hair Care Tips

Hope Ashford shares the best tips to keep your hair shiny and healthy
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Since I first started dying my hair, its texture and quality have undergone numerous changes. Hair care was something that I often neglected, but once I found a smart way to maintain it the improvement was vast. Now, caring for my hair has become a mindful activity, not only investing time in its upkeep but also appreciating the visible aesthetic improvements.

Oiling has been heavily impactful, and there are multiple ways that you can do this. Personally, I find adding a nourishing oil after blow-drying not only enhances sleekness, but also imparts a layer of nutrients that combat frizz. Another trending approach is oiling the scalp before showering, which yields similar benefits. Investing in a quality hair mask has proven to transform my hair and there are several affordable and effective brands in most drugstores. If I have had hair dye in my hair, then a colour-depositing mask was extremely helpful. Moroccan Oil make multiple different shades and you use them the same way that you would a hair mask. The colour-depositing masks help refresh any bleached or coloured tones in your hair and leaves it silky. Blasting my hair with a short amount of cold water at the very end of my shower has also made it both easier to dry and left in a stronger condition. I stay away from brushing it in the shower because this strains the hair whilst the water is pulling it back and makes it weaker. 

Caring for my hair has become a mindful activity, not only investing time in its upkeep but also appreciating the visible aesthetic improvements

One often overlooked tip, in my opinion, is cleaning your hairbrushes. Accumulation of natural hair oils and old products on the brush can transfer back onto your freshly washed hair, resulting in a dull appearance. Personally, I found baby shampoo to be the most effective, but there are various methods available online. Massaging your scalp is also a cheap, yet effective way of hair care. The massaging stimulates hair growth but is also simply relaxing, you can buy these at a low price also.

To sum it up, embracing a holistic approach to hair care will improve its visible and structural health. By incorporating these practices into your routine, not only will your hair show a difference, but it can become a calming and fun pastime.

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