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Creating a 2024 Vision Board

Emily Pink shares why personal vision boards are a good source of inspiration when planning the year ahead.
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Image: Arnel Hasanovic via Unsplash

While New Year’s resolutions are notoriously hard to stick to, there’s an alternative way to set out your intentions and focus for 2024. A vision board can be likened to a scrapbook of your upcoming year. Do you have any big goals that you would like to achieve this year? Any milestones coming up? Trips planned? Put these in your mood board!

I create my mood boards using Canva, sourcing images from my own photo gallery or Pinterest. If you prefer working without technology, printing out inspirational images and sticking them onto some card means that you can create a little piece of art to motivate you for all of 2024. Why not set up a fun date with your friends and get crafting?

Image: January vision board by Emily Pink

Personally, I like to tailor my vision boards to each month and put them on my laptop screensaver. At the end of the year, it’s exciting to look back on the 12 different vision boards that you have created and recognise just how far you have come. Think of your yearly vision board as a round-up of what to expect from the next 12 months, and what sort of person you would like to be by the end of it. It’s important to remember that things can change so quickly, and your mood board should not be set in stone but should be seen as the inspiration for a happy and healthy 2024. So, get scrolling on Pinterest and curate your new source of motivation and empowerment!

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