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Long Distance Valentine’s Day

Isabel Bratt shares how you can still celebrate Valentine's Day this year even if you are an ocean apart from your loved one.
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Valentine’s Day is closely approaching. With this comes an abundance of adverts, music, and media all surrounding the tradition of spending the 14th of February with your special person. A beloved holiday for many, including myself.

However, for some University students, their significant others are across the country, or even across the ocean. Valentine’s can become a very lonely holiday in a long-distance relationship, but I am here to give some advice.

As someone in a long-distance relationship myself, I’ve experienced many online dates, and can give you a run-down of what I believe to be the best.

Spotify playlists. Music can be one of the most intimate, romantic experiences. Try creating a thoughtful playlist for your partner; add songs that you think they might like, or songs that remind you of them, or of your relationship. Get them to do the same for you, and listen to each playlist together, while on Facetime or any equivalent.

Two-player video games. If you or your partner have an interest in gaming, I would recommend finding a fun game to share. Whether a simple, funny game like ‘Overcooked’ or ‘Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’, a simulator game, like ‘Stardew Valley’, or even a horror game, such as ‘Lethal Company’. Playing a video game with your partner can be an amazing experience, full of laughs and creating memories.

Cooking the same meal, or making the same cocktails, while on videocall. Even if you and your loved one cannot be together, cooking the same meal can be an exciting way to recreate a romantic dinner-date. You can even compete with one and other, to whose meal looks the most enticing. Creating cocktails to sip on can make this date even more exciting.

Even if you and your loved one cannot be together, cooking the same meal can be an exciting way to recreate a romantic dinner-date.

Sending your partner gifts, such as letters or flowers, to open together. Valentine’s is a holiday for spreading love and expressing your feelings, and even if you can’t be there in person to give a gift, you can always post one. Many services will safely ship flowers, or you can write your partner a romantic love letter for them to open.

While Valentine’s may seem daunting for those of you unable to see your partners, don’t panic! You can still make the holiday a magical day.

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