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Coral reefs: the ‘canary in a coal mine’?

When you hear the words ‘coral reef’, you probably imagine a vibrant underwater community, made up of colourful fish and tangled corals. Taking up...

Why are we ditching diesel?

It is no secret that pollution is a serious problem. Visit any major city for a day, and as well as soaking up the...

Small but Deadly: The Dangers of Microbeads

Since their first synthesis in 1907, humans have been reliant on plastics, and it is no secret that in the 21st century they make...

Our Fragile Earth: Massive mammals and Mass extinction

While a common misconception that ‘we are heading towards another mass extinction’ is often attached to the extent climate change is impacting species on...

London breaks annual pollution limit – in just over a week

Breathtakingly early breach goes some way to explain why air pollution causes tens of thousands of premature deaths every year in the UK Exeter has...

Research uncovers effects of air pollution on river flows

A study published in the latest edition of Nature Geoscience demonstrates that air pollution has had substantial effects on the amount of water flowing...

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