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International columnist: the importance of family visits

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With the first term slowly coming to an end, many have speculated that at least half of the rooms in Duryard Halls residence will be absent of their occupants soon. Well, at least I can say that I am confident enough about this for these four particular accommodation buildings: Creedy House, Bovey House, Avon House, Dart House and Exe House as these five buildings are packed with a lot of either foundation or first year international students.

most parents would love to see their children after a period of separation

Asking about each other’s whereabouts and plans during long school holiday has become sort of international students’ essential top question even months before the holiday takes place. It is not surprising, however, to only expect this brief confident answer: “I am going back home to my country”. Most of the time, we do not even bother to ask why because inside, we know and we understand why; they miss their family, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, home, dogs, food, basically everything! Although on several occasions, we do ask why but only if they are not going home and this question is almost always immediately followed by another wistful question: “Don’t you miss your home?” as if to persuade them to change their mind to remain in Exeter.

If there is anyone who can change the international students’ thoughts of staying, it will be their parents who usually request them to go home since most parents would love to see their children after a period of separation and would love to spend time with them. So it is either us going back or our parents coming to visit us. The second idea is usually unfavorable among international students’ parents ; it might be too far and time-consuming for parents to visit. We are not talking about merely 3-4 hours flight here but something as bad as 12 hours flight! Besides, there are also many working parents who might not be able to spare time for travelling.



There is no better choice between these two because it depends on each student’s preference. For international students reaching final year, I have noticed that most of them are not likely to fly back home during holiday. This could be because of loads of homework, preparation for dissertation, job placement or for travelling purpose. With not much time left in UK, it is only common for them to make the best use of the time for something meaningful. In this case, their parents could only attempt to find a free time to visit and travel together. First year students, on the other hand, tend to stick to the more popular choice of going home as chances to travel or do internship are still abundant for the next coming year in university.

would rather have my parents come to visit me

Although as a first year student, if I were to choose, I would rather have my parents come to visit me instead of me going home simply because there are too many beautiful places in and out of Exeter worth introduced and explored! There is also nothing more exciting than introducing the places I love to the people I love and being a tour guide to them. Now that I realize I keep boasting about how spacious my current room is with a big study desk, a private kitchen and toilet inside the room, maybe I will first start the tour by showing my parents my accommodation here…


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