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48 Hours in Naples

by Jennifer Doggett
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Getting There

EasyJet, the cheapest option, flies from Stansted where flights can cost as little as £30pp. Book at least a month in advance, as prices can increase to well over £150pp each way and try to book for mid-week. Although EasyJet’s hand luggage allowance is stricter than that of other airlines, this is by far the cheapest company to fly with.

Book at least a month in advance, as prices can increase

Where to Stay

When I visited Naples I had the pleasure of staying at The Grand Tour B&B, where the rooms were comfortable and the staff were patient with my limited grasp of Italian. Costing roughly €100 per night for my room, this Bed and Breakfast was comparatively good value and was usefully located near some of the main sights of Naples.

Getting Around

Having reached the city centre of Naples, your best friends will be some comfortable shoes, sunscreen and plenty of water, as most of Naples is well pedestrianized, but not completely protected against the sun. Do take care when crossing roads and turning down small pathways, as more often than not, traffic does not stop for people crossing the road and moped drivers emerge randomly from all corners of the city! If venturing out of Naples, I would recommend making use of the train station. Many tourists do not use this system, as it is mainly known to the locals of the area. However, tickets between Naples and Pompeii, for example, can cost as little as €1pp.



Time Difference


Day One

Start your day by heading straight to the Teatro San Carlo Opera House. Even if opera does not capture your excitement, the cafe attached to it serves the best sfogliatella pastries in Naples. Having tasted part of the traditional Neapolitan cuisine, why not take a tour of the opera house, which features an array of classical figures in its artwork and architecture. If you’re brave, maybe even stay for a performance! Next, head towards the Palazzo Reale; though fairly dull from the outside, impressive only in its size, it contains beautiful architecture and royal artwork within. Having worked up an appetite after exploring the royal palace, take a short walk across to the small street-food café serving Antica Pizza Fritta on the Zia Esterina, where you can purchase a small serving of pizza in its original Neapolitan form! I’d recommend eating this on the steps in the Piazza del Plebiscito, where city events and weddings sometimes occur.

After a quick break, take either a bus or a taxi up to Napoli Sotterranea. I recommend using transport to reach this, as the walk to here was long and fraught with many opportunities to get lost! Naples plays host to an underground man-made cave system, which has been integral to the city’s history and even features Ancient Greek aqueducts (NB, this may be a little uncomfortable for claustrophobic travellers, as there are a few tight spots throughout the tour). Make sure to check times for departing tour groups, as English speaking tours only run at certain times of the day. After exploring this underground site, you will be glad to enjoy a gentle walk back to the marina area. Running alongside the small cove are a number of restaurants, catering to all palates. I would recommend Fresco, which serves highly appetising Italian cuisine. Relax over dinner as you watch the sunset over Naples before strolling, satisfied and sleepy, back to your hotel.

Day Two

Make your way down to La Sfogliatella Mary to sample the freshest Italian pastries before heading towards the Castel Nuovo. In my opinion, the exterior of this Castel was more impressive than its interior, so maybe just take a quick selfie outside of it! Do take care in this area, as many argumentative street salesmen flock here! But stick around and jump on a Naples City Sightseeing hop on, hop off bus tour. In my experience, these tours are well worth taking advantage of. Costing around €19.60, this ticket entitles you to unlimited travel for 24 hours and can enable you to experience a large portion of the city. This company runs three different routes, covered within the one price. So hop on board, take a seat, plug in your earphones and bask in the sunlight as you journey around Naples, learning about its rich history and culture. The most important stops include the archaeological museum, where key finds from the Pompeian digging site rest. In addition, endeavour to visit the Royal Gardens, they are beautiful in the spring and the trees provide much appreciated shade when it’s really hot outside! Next head towards the marina, where you can see a variety of interesting sights, including Mount Vesuvius, settled on the horizon and the Castel dell’Uovo. Finish up your 48 hours in Naples by dining in La Cantina dei Lazzari which serves the tastiest sea food in all of Italy!

Buon viaggio e buon appetito!

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