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Let the people decide – The Guild President Candidates

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Edward Mudd

Edward Mudd. Edward Mudd. What’s in a name? Where does a person begin with a creature of his calibre? I can only speak from my own experience. I first saw Ed on the frisbee pitch, playing a version of the game called “Ultimate Frisbee”, so called for its strategic depth and high intensity. He had an aura of sorts. A unique gait, a special poise. I approached him, he said I “was interesting to look at”. A journey begun. Ed’s policy introduces words and phrases to the Exeter Guild vernacular never used before: “domination”, “wall”, “Penryn internment camp”, “VK”, “a more erotic relationship with the NUS.” From Moberly to Holland Hall, students are flocking to Ed’s banners to be lied to in more original, exciting terms. And so the man with 3 Tinder matches finally lights a fire in the hearts of the student body. Edward Mudd. Make Exeter Great Again.



Kane Davis

Kane’s knowledge of the Guild and its workings is unparalleled by any student I know. His experience working in the Lemon Grove, on A&V front desk, and in Guild comms, have given him a grasp of the Guild which very few (if any) other students can match. This, combined with his volunteering roles within RAG and Welcome Team, show that not only has he got the knowledge, he’s also compassionate, and a strong leader.

His manifesto is packed full of pledges which will benefit the average student, from things as simple as card machines in the Lemmy, to feedback surveys on the Guild website. But he’s also got bigger ideas that will benefit societies and student groups – such as providing extra funding for alternative media like Pearshaped and Exetera, and bringing in a satellite A&V desk at St Luke’s campus.

Kane has solid, researched pledges, as well as the drive, the experience and the right head on his shoulders. He is worthy of anyone’s vote; he’s more than qualified to be our next Guild President, and he would make a natural successor to Toby, and Laura-Jane before that.

Sam Jackson

Shraddha ‘Shades’ Chaudhary

Shraddha Chaudhary’s (Shades) determination to lead and bring about a change is one of many reasons you should vote for her. Not only does Shades have the professional experience necessary to understand the needs of the students but also the sheer strength and passion essential to overcome the challenges that she may face. A couple of my favourite manifesto points include introducing grab and go outlets like Subway near Harrison and Amory and improving student ideas’ game design through offering Guild points for engagement! Beyond her professional aims and skills, I believe in Shades in the person that she is as a friend. I’ve known shades since her first day at university and can say with immense joy that Shades is one of the kindest, most helpful and genuine people, who sets out to achieve what she aims for. I hope that you all vote for Shades, because voting for Shades is voting for a change that we all want to see. So please #GetYourShadesOn

Damani Bishnoi

Helena Brenner

Helena is running for Sabb President because she is hugely passionate about improving this university for all students, so much so that she has postponed her graduate job with PwC by a year to fulfil this ambition. I’ve lived with Helena for the majority of our time at university and have personally witnessed her drive to help people and her incredible dedication to Exeter university. Having come to the UK from Brazil, Helena faced a lot of challenges that many international students can relate to, all of which she tackled with an energy and positivity that has become synonymous with her personality: Helena is an eternally happy person, determined to make the best out of any situation. As a naturally bubbly and approachable person she will have no problem working with the university to bring about the changes we all need and her unfailing determination makes her hard to disagree with!

Ellie Alveyn

Will Vasey

I think you should vote for Will as he has well thought-through, achievable and proactive campaign points. As the founder of the housing cooperative, Will has a solution to the spiralling rent prices that affect the student body. The night-bus would provide an affordable solution to getting home safely at night, and is something which other smaller universities have; showing that it would be feasible here. The Brew Monday campaign illustrates Will’s desire to tackle the mental health crisis that is happening across the country; the campaign is aimed at getting people talking on what can be the hardest day of the week, and Will is well-situated to tackle this problem, being the co-president of our student nightline. Will as a person is caring, hard-working and dedicated to what he outs his mind to, I think he’d make a wonderful president, as he genuinely cares about each and every student.

Emma Heady

Peter Gillibrand

I feel people should vote for Peter as he has already shown a large commitment to a wide range of societies and this would be translated into his work as guild president. To start off his campaign rather than focusing on what he thinks the guild needs Peter spoke to other students to see what they thought the guild needed and this is shown within his manifesto. His focus is on making the guild better for everyone who is involved within the guild. Just spending a few hours with Peter on campus you can see the impact Peter has had on the university through the number of people who he speaks to from a wide range of groups. The guild president should be easily approachable with any suggestions or problems and Peter is always approachable when on campus or out in town.

Tom Aldridge

Luke Avery

Luke’s the kind of guy who will get things done. He’s a really personable character, and always tries to get Averyone involved in Averything he has planned – he doesn’t just talk about things; he makes them happen. Finding a job after uni is hugely competitive, and the university careers training offered very little to set me apart from the crowd. Luke is keen to change things up with better skills training and personalised career plans. He didn’t want to run for Guild Pres, but when he was told it was the only way to make sure his ideas were followed through on we convinced him to go for it. We honestly believe that he not only has the right ideas to truly improve student life, but also the mindset and drive to actually implement these changes. He also loves fun. No doubt, he’ll make Avery good Guild Pres.
Mark Wilson

Soma Pirityi

Soma is the most fearless person who I have ever met. His whole campaign is about to tell truth. Tell the truth that the university does not care about student opinion. And we need a referendum about tuition fee rise to remind them we are the costumers here. Furthermore I really respect him that he never gives up. As you know now our physical campaign is suspended due to his war on greedy society presidents. And the only comment what he told us when we realized we were not allowed to campaign on the Forum any more was: the truth always hurts especially when somebody says it, keep moving forward my friends! Exeter now needs people like him more than anytime! Student democracy must be protected and our international reputation must be fixed (global 126th)! I believe him because he is not afraid of taking actions!


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