Exeter, Devon UK • Apr 24, 2024 • VOL XII

Exeter, Devon UK • [date-today] • VOL XII

LIVE: General Election Updates

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02:59- Liberal Democrats regain Twickenham from Tory Tania Mathias in significant swing.

02:55- Conservatives gain seat from Labour stronghold Walsall

02:45- Nick Clegg loses Sheffield Hallam

02:33- Scottish Conservatives are becoming more numerous…

02:31- BBC revise their exit poll figures, now suggesting 322 seats for the Conservatives (up from 314) and lowering Labour’s seats by 5 to 261.

02:25- Conservatives lose Bury Nouth to Labour’s James Frith

02:15- Ex-Ukip leader Nigel Farage says he’ll return to active politics if Corbyn leads the next government

02:06- Labour’s Marsha de Cordova gains in Battersea

The Labour candidate overthrew the Conservative’s Jane Ellison

01:58- Boris Johnson says he’ll be “sharpening his knife,” challenging May for Tory leadership.

01:39- Labour’s Chris Ruane seizes Vale of Clwyd, a constituency with a particularly narrow majority margin, over the Conservative candidate James Davies.

01:31- Mhairi Black fends off Labour in Paisley and Renfrewshire.

This seat was potentially threatened by Labour, but the 22 year-old SNP candidate won with 16,964 votes.

01:18- Sylvia Herman wins North Down seat in Ireland in first independent victory

01.13- Labour takes its first Scottish seat in Rutherglen & Hamilton West.

The SNP’s Margaret Ferrier has lost its seat in favour of Labour candidate Ged Killen.

01:11– Labour holds Wrexham, a Conservative target seat in Wales

Labour’s Ian Lucas won with 17,153 against the Tory hopeful Andrew Atkinson’s 15,321.

00:53- Labour have kept hold of Darlington, a crucial bellwether seat

Jenny Chapman gained 22,681 votes to Conservative Peter Cuthbertson’s 19,401. Pundits have speculated that had the Conservatives won this swing seat, a Conservative majority may have seemed more likely.

00:41- George Osbourne says election result ‘completely catastrophic’ for May

00:32- First Bellwether constituency announced, Nuneaton, has retained Conservative leadership

This continues the trend of the Tories benefitting from decreased Ukip support.

00:30- Conservative’s Philip Hollobone has been elected in Kettering

With 57.9% of the vote

00:00- Conservatives win their first seat in Swindon

Justin Tomlinson wins with 29,431 votes (54%), to Mark Dempsey’s 21,096 (38%) for Labour

23:48- Labour’s Julie Elliott has been elected in Sunderland Central

With 25,056 (55.54% +5.36%)

23:20- Ukip leader Paul Nuttall accuses May of jeopardising Brexit.


23:15- Lib Dems definitively rule out a coalition.


23:10- Labour’s Bridget Phillipson has been elected in Sunderland.

With 24,665 votes.

23:06- Labour’s Chi Onwurah has been elected in Newcastle.

With 24,071 votes (64.89% +9.8%)

22:48- Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party and only Green MP says Greens ‘will *never* support a Tory Government.

22:12- Pound falls after Exit Poll result

According to World First, GBP falls on the 24-hour current market by 2%. Now £1.28 against the Euro.

22:00- Exit Poll Results

Conservatives: 314
Labour: 266
SNP: 34
Lib Dems: 14
Plaid Cymru: 3
Greens: 1
Ukip: 0
Others: 18

Suggests Britain is set for a hung parliament. There are speculations that this may introduce complications for Brexit negotiations.
This poll was taken for BBC, ITV and Sky.
Approximately 46.9 million people registered to vote or 72% of the population.

Major Events:

22.00: Exit Polls Released
23.00: First results released (Sunderland)
03.30: Exeter results released


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