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Backpacking do’s and don’ts: advice you REALLY need to follow

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So, your exams are over, the English rain in July is getting you down, and the summer is stretching out in front of you, not an internship or productive experience in sight…what to do? How about that long-awaited InterRailling trip? A European city-break with the housemates?

Aside from the fact that really, you ought to have sorted that trip by now, here are a few tips to make your summer backpacking trip one to remember.

DO take everything you think you need. In fact, take more. I mean, no other countries sell what you need, right? DEFINITELY take the hairdryer. And the straighteners. And potentially a curling iron if you get bored of that. You’ve got space, right?

DON’T bother with local food. It will probably give you a dodgy stomach, and everyone knows that McDonalds is the only truly reliable cuisine when travelling. Plus, it’s everywhere!

DO splurge on that fancy hotel. Only a couple of hundred pounds more than a hostel, and what does it matter when it’s Daddy’s money? Besides, all hostels are gross. And hello, hasn’t anyone seen that horror film? It’s a no from me.

DON’T go further than the main sights. I mean, they’re popular for a reason. And if it isn’t on your Instagram within half an hour of seeing it, what’s even the point? Might as well have stayed in Exeter. Get with it.

DO get wrecked EVERY NIGHT. Best nightlife going is in Central Europe, you’d be silly not to take advantage, and the sights aren’t really that impressive. Who needs daylight hours, really?


Listen to people who sound like this!

If you didn’t work it out already, the way to a solid trip abroad is probably to do the exact opposite of all these “tips”. If you didn’t work it out, I can’t help you, mate.

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