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Guild investigation launched into sex work debate

CN: Sexual abuse

Image: Megan Davies

A controversial Debating Society (DebSoc) event is now the subject of a Guild investigation following the handing out of unapproved handouts of a graphic sexual nature.

The handouts featured a mock contract for a sex worker, and alluded to child sexual exploitation, whilst mentioning sexual assault and rape. After this was pointed out on Twitter, the Students’ Guild were quick to respond, claiming that:

We are shocked that these made it into the event without being disclosed or approved. We are investigating this as a matter of urgency.

The debate was already considered controversial, with Sabbatical Officers responding to a complaint by describing the debate as “unbalanced”, and with some students infuriated by a DebSoc post perceived to be making light of the topic.

Exeposé has reached out the Students’ Guild and DebSoc for further comment.


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