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Songs from the South West #1: Moody Will & The Roll

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“We were sat hungover in a pub, in Camden and with a flippant comment about my hangover ‘Moody Will’ was formed… I later came up with ‘the Roll’ when listening to a Keith Richards interview. ‘The Roll’ refers to the rhythm, space and bounce that Rock and Roll should get if it is played correctly.” – Will Hardiman.

As we begin to talk, it’s clear to see why the rising country blues/pop band from Bristol are beginning to make a name for themselves. Having originated back in 2009 at comprehensive school and frequently performing live around the South West, Will Hardiman and Simon Campbell bring something new to the folk scene. Their unique and simplistic combination of well written melody and distinct vocals from Hardiman boasts a harmony with contrapuntal and descant sections, which are a breath of fresh air in the current folk scene from such young talented artists. ‘Country Lady’ is a superb example of this, “It is a song about travelling and principally a relationship that starts well and ends sour due to travelling. This is something that as a musician can be difficult. Simon then added that lead guitar part that mirrors the melody of the vocal. One of our best songs!” – Hardiman.

New EP Cathy launched on Saturday 16th September at Colston Hall Foyer, and details can be found on their website for all upcoming shows.


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