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Best ever FIFA songs: The definitive list

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A true hallmark of a good FIFA is the accompanying soundtrack; invariably, EA are masters at curating a playlist that complements the game-play. Here, Nick Marsden completes the authoritative list of the best songs to feature since the advent of the most successful footballing video game.

1. The Big Bang- Rock Mafia

This track has it all, an irresistible tapping rhythm and some truly impressive vocals in the chorus. Lyrically the track is slightly lightweight but given the passive listening of the average FIFA listener this isn’t an issue. Undeniably the catchiest and most representative FIFA song on this list, it impresses in all areas.

(Official content included for creative licence, please head over to YouTube website to listen)

2. Jerk it out – Ceasers

Where to begin? This indie rock piece clocks in at 3.15 but is relentless in every element. The flawlessly buoyant mantra ‘It’s easy when you know how it’s done/ you can’t stop now it’s already begun/ you feel it running through your bones’, will bring a smile to the face of even the coldest FIFA veteran. Guitars drenched in distortion elevate the track into the stratosphere.

3. Call it what you want- Foster The People

Slots perfectly into the top 3 with this distant and dreamy track. A whir of sounds brings the song to life after a cavernous opening, it’s a classic Foster-esque song with Mark Foster’s tenor ably supported by fervent backing vocals. A versatile, wicked tune. 4 Kids- Perhaps the biggest number that FIFA.

4. Kids – MGMT

Perhaps the biggest number that FIFA have captured in the last 10 years, an incredible effort by MGMT from the strained and tragic lyrics to the thumping beat which bookends this effervescent track.

(Official content included for creative licence, please head over to YouTube website to listen)

5. Untouched- The Veronicas

Lit up FIFA with this banger. Excitement and dynamism is rife with short and punchy staccato violin pieces mixing with a hypnotising drum beat.

6. Mark IV- Ashtar Command featuring Joshua Radin

An unknown and rather unappreciated number, Mark IV mixes electronica sublimely with lush instrumentation to produce a song that is both easy listening and pleasingly introspective.

7. Odessa- Caribou

You wouldn’t be surprised to hear this song blasting out of the speakers of a group of lads on the way to a messy night out, it has a decidedly cool yet collected vibe with the soft vocals contrasting against a subtle rattling sound to great effect.

8. Club Foot- Kasabian

Truly one to pump up the pregame atmosphere, Kasabian let off a volley of unstoppable riffs which are well supported by desperate, energetic vocals, completing the perfect song for you to inspire your plucky 3-star team to victory.

9. Black and Gold- Sam Sparro

An instant classic from the opening moans into a moody pre-chorus. A commercial smash-hit and a great one to listen to throughout, Sparro pushes the intensity of the song throughout to levels that seem inconceivable.



10. Irish Blood, English Heart – Morrisey

Morrissey toys with his Irish heritage excellently in this surprising addition to the list. Taken from the stonking comeback of an album ‘You Are The Quarry’, this number thrills the more aged taste in music and is a typically strong performance from the poetic Mancunian.

11. Wonder – Dan Black’s

This melancholy electronic tune has aged well over the years, somewhat of a one hit wonder but good nonetheless.

12. Finale – Archetypal

FIFA electronica. This stands head and shoulders over the usual drop filled song due to the insatiable build up during the first third of the song.

13. Latino and Proud – DJ Raff

A feel-good piece of buoyant latino rap which pushes all the right buttons, unique and deserving of its place high on the list.

14. We come Running – Youngblood Hawke

Maybe lacks variety for the higher spots, a good song nonetheless, this effort from Youngbloode Hawke is a stellar attempt and fuses an electronic intro with an eye-catching chorus. A more effective bridge would have cemented this in the top 10.

(Official content included for creative licence, please head over to YouTube website to listen)

15. Myxomatosis- Radiohead

A surprising arena for Radiohead, a perfectly good song from the superb ‘ Hail to Thief’, however the heavy political themes of the album are too subtle within this particular track for the average listener to glean anything significant. A pleasant addition to FIFA … regardless

16. Bliss Out- Hadouken!

Probably the most gym-esque tune in the list, a polished performance by Hadouken mixes dubstep and aggressive vocals to impassioned results.

17. Panda- Astro

Sonically strong, atmospheric laser-like noises pierce through this song and set the tone. Mediocre vocals and lyrics but the song is still notable

18. Hits me Like a Rock- CCS

Blaring in at last place this song has pleasing female vocals that set up the chorus, a simple catchy tune which doesn’t offer anything revolutionary but does its job.

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