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Exeter trees bleeding green

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Exeter University has more trees than students is a popular phrase stated by many freshers upon arrival and turns out to appear more truthful than you may initially believe, with a recent study showing that all these trees remove pollution equivalent to the emissions produced from 798 family cars. 5,000 trees were surveyed, with the results demonstrating they capture 36 tonnes of carbon every year, and remove two tonnes of pollutants from the air. Consequently, these trees amount to £20,422 of environmental benefits every year; figures calculated using a software which is able to estimate the environmental benefits of trees, based on their sizes. It is not just the pollution levels that the tree helps, but they also support animals’ habitats. Exeter Uni’s oldest trees originate from 200 years ago, planted when Reed Hall was first built. In parallel to this, the University of Exeter has secured Green Flag Awards for the Streatham, St. Luke’s, and Penryn campuses, and they are now all part of the public vote to find the top 10 green spaces in the U.K.

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