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Exeter, Devon UK • [date-today] • VOL XII

The unofficial Exe-it list

by Megan Groves
5 mins read

Having just completed my first term, it’s already scarily clear what it entails to be an Exeter student. It seems that the lifestyle adopted in the first few weeks actually remains until the day of graduation. From the (not so) fresh faced freshers to the breaking down third years, the Exeter experience can only truly be understood by those who have lived on these mountainous hills.

Argue about the hills
The inevitable arguments over the variety of hills tackled to reach the university appear to be extremely prevalent, and absolutely vital to being an Exeter student. Apparently climbing “Cardiac Hill” really does equate to the hike up Mount Everest, while those living on campus or in the area beyond are under no circumstances allowed the right to complain about Forum Hill. The gradients are just incomparable. However, these students still insist on making Forum hill the most moaned about (minuscule) mountain.

Get sweaty, get swifty
It’s essential to arrive on campus drowning in waves of sweat. This arrival is normally followed by utter heartbreak upon reaching the library, and finding that there are no seats. As per. Punching oneself for thinking that such a wonderful occurrence could happen, is also a valuable part of the university life.

Moan about the hills… again
Hills, and moaning about them, are entirely crucial to the Exeter understanding. These heated discussions often result in a battle during which students fight over which accommodation or area to live in is the worst (we all know it’s Moberly, no need for arguments really). Although it’s apparent that the students that started on campus, and generally the majority, believe life outside of campus does not exist (or does it?). Important, necessary attitude to posses. “Point Exe? I’m sorry, where?” is my favourite reply to receive.

Get those curly fries
The Ram and its food are essential to student life. Curly fries are undoubtedly the pinnacle of student eating, and the key to a good and healthy Exeter diet. Every other sentence about food will inevitably include the beauty of “curly fries”. On average, these discussions will be followed by the indulgence of such cherished food. Chicken wings, £3.99 buckets, burgers, all count as student participation. However, the judgement is real upon selecting normal chips. This is a choice that it is essential to frown upon.

photo by Daily Mail

Complain about the nightlife
The nightlife in Exeter isn’t renowned for its brilliant variation in choices, and it’s completely expected of you to moan about that. It is a very natural urge.

Start grating and cheese up your life                                                            Attendance at Cheesy Tuesdays is a must. The pure cringe of the playlist is literal marmite, and thus some feel the need to be rewarded for attending. It is fundamental to go in order to avoid the shocking gasp of the Exeter student body when revealing you’ve yet to attend. Finishing that night in Unit 1 with some garlic and mayo chips at the burger van or Sidwell’s fish and chip shop is essential.

Most importantly, nothing defines the Exeter life like Timepiece’s iconic Wednesday nights. Crucial to university experience, sporty students dress in humiliating costumes, and get incredibly drunk in order to forget the fact everyone looks absolutely ludicrous. The downing of countless VKs and the falling down the stairs in Timepiece are almost as vital as the dress code. An Exeter student is not an Exeter student without a VK, Timepiece, and bruises on their knees. These are imperative to a Wednesday.

NEVER wear purple
Ever. That’s a rule.

The essential Exeter University experience can be defined by so much: the complaints, the moaning, the landscapes and the idolised places are all so fundamental to the Exeter university lifestyle. The bucket list of Exeter university life is endless, but these necessities are a good place to start.

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