This time, we decided to have a little throwback article because we thought it’d be fun to talk about recent events on campus. Many of you have probably attended the event, and if not, you know what’s next for you to do: check the posts on Facebook!

We all have that one friend who is obsessed with freebies, make up, goodies and more. Well, for those who know me, I am that one friend. (You’ll also be able to see me on the Guild ‘Thank You’ campaign video and the website; yeah, I’m just THAT girl.) Hence, like every year, I attended the Soap & Glory events on campus.

Last year, we had the Soap & Glory Bus Tour in which you could get Freebies, Dance Classes, Airbrush Tattoos and even a little upstairs location in the bus where the Braid Bar did your hair and your makeover, and gave you boxes of products for free. I was obviously there and I absolutely loved it. I think it’s great that the University lets brands like this come to campus, not only as it promotes them but also as it’s great way to get a little break during my long day on campus.

That same year for Easter, the brand came again for the ‘Where the puck is he?’ hunt in which you could win products as well as a year worth of supplies if you could find the gold-booty puck. Safe to say I was really sad that I couldn’t attend.

On Thursday 14th December, Soap & Glory came to campus again for a “GLAMtidings”. I had the chance to meet the two lovely Glambassadors before-hand and unsurprisingly, we quickly bonded over our love of bath and make-up products, but also – and most importantly – our love of Soap & Glory.

The event was smaller than the previous ones but was similarly as good. Portia and Selina, the two Glambassadors, occupied a little table in the forum and gave away bags with hand cream, soap and food. In two hours, they had already given away everything.
In light of this event, I’ve decided to give you my run down of my top five favorite products of the collection that are certainly on my wish-list, as I wait patiently for the next sales.

photo credit: Soap and Glory

The number one has to be the Breakfast Scrub, mainly for the smell, which is very similar to Maple Syrup but also because it’s amazing and leaves your skin soft for the rest of the day.

In second position, the face and soap clarity vitamin C wash. It’s gentle and leaves your face clean and soft without any imperfection: my new go-to product in the shower.

In third place, the Thick and Fast Mascara. As it says in the name, it’s fast application and gives you really nice lashes.

Fourth is the Spectaculous Galatic Glaze Lip Gloss. There’s not much to say except that’s it’s a nice lip colour – and also, it’s holographic!

And in fifth place, the Natural Palette. I just love it as it’s a five-in-one. The packaging is beaut and that’s always a plus. The palette includes a blusher, bronzer, cream highlighter, and three absolutely gorgeous eyeshadow shades.

Remember, if you’re interested in this role, every year Soap & Glory looks for new ambassadors to help them on campus: one for the face-to-face presence, and another for the digital side of things. Not to mention, you get products for free!

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