Waking up to a town coated in powdery white snow always feels like something out of a Christmas film. At uni, the pros of this are campus being closed and class being cancelled: there’s a lot of free time to be exploited. Here are some ideas for how to occupy yourself if you’re too grumpy to brave the frozen outside world:

  1. Stay inside and watch Netflix (or your choice of sitcom/Disney film/reality TV), until your eyes hurt and you’ve only moved twice in the past few hours to click play when they ask “Are you still there?”. A side-note: this choice goes particularly well with copious amounts of hot chocolate made with your housemate’s going-off milk.
  2. Similarly, you could bundle yourself up in jumpers, coats, those socks you wore once for DofE that your mum forced upon you when packing for uni, and your duvet. Pick a spot (I would suggest one with optimum access to food and good WiFi connection) and settle in for a good, 48-hour long nap.
  3. Panic and start looking into solutions for climate change because you’re alarmed that it is snowing in March. Google results for “What is the Beast from the East?” are actually very entertaining.

If you decide to leave your house – always a questionable decision regardless of the weather – here are some fun outdoorsy activities you could partake in:

  1. Embrace your inner child and attack your friends with snowballs until your hands are purple. Wear gloves.
  2. Slide down the nearest hill – this is Exeter, so there’s a lot of choice – seated on either a reusable shopping bag or an ancient baking tray from your student accommodation. You should probably wear a helmet if you try this down Forum Hill.

I would suggest using this time to catch up on that reading that you promised yourself you’d get to at some point, but that would make me a hypocrite, so instead, pick one (or a few) of these more entertaining options and settle in for a comfortable March wintertime.

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