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Those post-Freshers blues

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Freshers Week; the beginning of a new independent life away from home, or merely the start of yet another academic year. It is exciting, exhausting and jam packed full of super fun things. But what happens when you finally come to a stop; as it starts to dawn on you that you are now a financially deprived student with a workload and the responsibility to wash your own clothes. I can only offer a few points on what to consider when tackling those post freshers blues.

Firstly, starting off with the more mundane method of avoiding the so called blues: creating a budget. It isn’t the most enjoyable of tasks, but in the long run it will ensure that you stay a happy munchkin throughout the term. By knowing exactly how much money you have, you can be aware of how much you need for the basics such as rent, food and washing powder – and, perhaps more importantly, you will know how much you have to spend on socials, exploring Exeter and its beautiful surroundings, and trying that trendy new café down the road. For those of you living independently for the first time, it will help in remembering what chores you have to do and how much they will cost. University is an absolutely wonderful experience and part of that is learning how to handle your finances so that you don’t end up three weeks into term with breakfast, lunch and dinner being bread and ketchup.

Next up, organisation. Using your preferred methods: lists, sticky notes or even a trendy planner perhaps, plan your week and what you must do. It will help you to feel less overwhelmed, as you will be aware of exactly what needs to be done. After the excitement of Freshers, you have to remember why you’re here: a precious piece of paper otherwise known as your degree. If you make sure to keep time for work and for play, you will keep your stress levels to a minimum. Also ensure you have time for yourself as well as others – there’s nothing better for your headspace then doing something you find relaxing. Whether that be taking a walk, listening to music or watching a film, make sure you take time out to avoid a complete meltdown.

After the excitement of Freshers, you have to remember why you’re here: a precious piece of paper otherwise known as your degree

Now of course, all the amazing societies on campus are no longer running events left, right and centre. But, you will have chosen your favourites and they will be running socials throughout the term. This is a particularly fun way of beating the post-Freshers’ blues. Go out and meet new people in all the different societies. Get involved with all the fun things that they will indubitably organise. From bowling to clubbing, to movie nights to scavenger hunts- something will attract your attention! But, never feel pressured to attend every single social. You are more likely to burn out and looking after yourself and your wellbeing is always priority number one. And don’t feel like going out is the only way to have fun – beat the calm after the Freshers storm.

If you’re getting along marvellously with your flatmates then maybe stay in and watch a film, meet up with course friends for a coffee or maybe just go for a stroll on the beach. Just remember to keep yourself balanced and relaxed.

Basically, just enjoy your time here. Freshers is only one week out of the next year that you have to make memories, have fun and gain that all important degree!


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