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Student founds surfboard company

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Ducan Lyster, a fourth-year physics student at the University of Exeter, has founded a lightweight wooden surfboard company. This has been assisted by the University initiative Think Try Do, a collaborative student startup programme offers funding opportunities that promote and enable entrepreneurship in Exeter.

Wood is the traditional material used to create surfboards, however, it is more common to use polyester. Wooden surfboards also tend to be heavier, and often chosen because of aesthetics instead of performance. However, Lyster aims to create hollow wooden surfboards that are more stylish and sustainable without compromising on performance.

“My dad is a cabinet maker, so while that is a bit different from surfboards, his carpentry skills were a great help when making the first board in my first year of University,” says Lyster.

Emily Davies, the winner of Best Employability Support at the 2018 Teaching Awards, helped Lyster solidify the grant that allowed him to start the company. Lyster surf craft can be found on Instagram and online at lystersurfcraft.co.uk.


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