Buckingham University recently announced that they are to begin asking incoming students to sign a contract pledging against taking drugs on campus.

The university’s vice-chancellor, Sir Anthony Seldon, announced the plans in a column in the Daily Mail, with the aim of becoming Britain’s first ‘drug-free’ campus. Seldon told The Daily Mail that it is “insane” to allow drug-taking in universities to carry on, but that Buckingham would only ask students to leave after several offences, with help offered first for those who are struggling.

The university’s vice-chancellor announced the plans with the aim of becoming Britain’s first ‘drug-free’ campus.

Seldon said: “I asked myself what kind of moral leadership university leaders were providing in colluding in the mass consumption of illegal drugs on our premises.”

Buckingham University’s announcement follows on from criticism of the University of Sheffield’s website which gives students advice on how to take drugs safely, a decision that they have since defended as a realistic precautionary measure.

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