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Favourite YouTubers: Angelika Oles

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“Angelika Oles is the one to watch”

Angelika Oles is a breath of fresh, honest, YouTube air. She’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind and her commentary videos on the hypocritical and ostentatious nature of YouTube stars; her analysis of infamous scandals and the greedy, monetising aspect of the site tugs at the already unravelling threads of the overly glamorised creators. Angelika may be willing to expose the hypocritical and greedy habits of YouTube’s biggest stars (see one of her most popular videos ‘Zoella The Scammer’, which has hit nearly one million views), but she’s also down-to-earth and is willing to make adjustments both within her opinions and her content when proven wrong. She gives credit where credit is due, praising content and openly forgiving YouTube stars who she believes deserve forgiveness over mistakes made in the past. Her 10 – 15 minute commentary videos may be considered as “controversial” and “stuck up” to unadoring viewers, but Angelika always owns her satirical nature and ‘back-at-ya’ attitude, admitting that she knows she has an “attention complex” as “what YouTuber doesn’t?” Angelika’s call to attention on the mentally toxic effects of YouTube both on its stars and younger audiences deserves praise and shows maturity far past her young age of 18 whilst her content is enlightening, thought provoking and thoroughly entertaining. With her subscriber count currently at 127,000 and rising, she deserves all the success forthcoming in the future. Angelika Oles is the one to watch.

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