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Trends I Hate – Low Rise Jeans

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I was having a lovely winter break. Seeing my family, friends, feeling very festive and very much in the spirit of good will to all. I even wondered how on earth I’d come up with a trend to hate, considering my glowy outlook on the world at the moment. Then, what should I find whilst scrolling through social media? An article about how low-rise jeans are coming back in for 2019.
If you’re going to dredge up a wholly unflattering trend from the early 2000s, why not slogan crop tops? Skinny scarves? Even Uggs would do – at  least we’d be comfy whilst sacrificing our dignity on the altar of fashion. I have been wearing exclusively high-waisted jeans since I was about 14 and I have no desire to stop doing so now. Not only do low-rise jeans leave you in danger of flashing everyone your undies, if you wear literally any top with them that isn’t cropped, you expose just the lower sliver of your tummy, which, let’s be honest looked weird then and will undoubtedly look weird now. Who decided that lower bellies were all the rage again? I was perfectly happy with upper midriff!
Look, I get it – we all want to go back to the early 2000s. It was a simpler time. Everything seems as though it was a little more shiny back then (mostly to do with the excessive amount of shimmer shadow, bronzer and lipgloss everyone was using, but still). However, can we all accept that there’s no such thing as time travel and trying to forcibly shove everyone back to the 2000s by was of fashion trends is not the way to go. It’s time to move onwards and upwards, like the waistbands of our jeans did.

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