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Trends I Hate – Vinyl Makeup

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Impracticality – 5/5
Unsightliness – 3/5
Suitablility – 2/5

So-called ‘vinyl’ makeup hit the runways this year, with models displaying their glossy eyelids, super-sheen cheekbones and high-shine lips, and there have been multiple different beauty articles detailing how exactly one should style these trends. Well, I’m saying it – one should never style these trends. First of all, it’s all well and good seeing a makeup trend on a model who is posing for a static image, but trying that trend out for yourself is going to be very different. Also, has everyone forgotten the very thing that plagued us back in the 2000s, when glossy lips were all the rage? If getting your hair stuck to your mouth was bad, imagine getting you hair stuck to your entire face – ew. Plus, the models who showcased this look have a whole host of top makeup artists whose job is to make them look good – us plebs who do our own makeup do not have that luxury, meaning the probability of looking like an over-glazed doughnut rather than a supermodel is pretty darn high.
Finally, let’s talk about getting it off – you think scraping glitter off your face after a night out is bad, imagine smearing what is essentially coloured Vaseline all over your face for thirty minutes in an attempt to remove it. Overall, I think the vinyl makeup trend is one that looks pretty cool, but just like many, many other makeup trends, it’s better in theory than in practise. If you really want to attempt this trend, start small (possibly with just a simple eye look rather than the whole eyes, lips and cheeks hog) and definitely wear your hair up in order to avoid flyaways getting stuck to you all night.

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