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Fashion on Film: Donna Sheridan

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OK, so let’s forget the poncho. Donna Sheridan (aka the beautiful Meryl Streep or Lily James) from Mamma Mia! hits some serious fashion goals. First off: dungarees. Comfortable and great for when you need to spontaneously repaint your bedroom to a hot-pink. Find a billowy white shirt and you’ll look ready to hop on a random yacht with your new aesthetically-pleasing fling.

Following on from effortless one pieces, Lily James’ jumpsuit in the “When I Kissed the Teacher” scene is perfect for when you want to throw some moves and dazzle the crowd but still not really have to put too much effort into an outfit. Jumpsuits are honestly a saviour for the lazy-girl who wants to look cute while also being effortless and versatile. If you want to go full Abba do yourself a favour and invest in some killer platform heels (preferably silver).

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Now, let’s just take a moment to remember the most mesmerising bit of accessorising from the first film: Donna’s pink chiffon scarf. You might recall this outfit-defining piece from the emotional “Winner Takes it All” scene where Meryl’s singing is outstanding but you can’t help but watch which direction the scarf is going to go in (or maybe that’s just me).

Scarves aside, we can’t talk about Donna Sheridan without mentioning flares. This is dangerous ground and unless you live in a world where all the songs are Abba and all the guys find you irresistible they are hard to pull off. If you’re willing to take the dive, remember to put on your platform shoes so you don’t trip over!

Donna is a dream for the girls who want to be comfortable and spontaneously break into dance (like me).

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