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The Future of Fashion

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The Future of Fashion

Izzy Cole, Lifestyle Print Editor, predicts what will be fashionable in 2020

We’ve seen it all in 2019. From animal print and tartan to boiler suits and bucket hats, it’s been a year of experimental and diverse fashion, and it doesn’t stop there. We’ve also seen the rise of miniature clutch bags, patchwork and bike shorts with blazers… a trend of which I can safely say you will never see me in. But while 2019 has gifted us with such fashion trends, what’s in store for 2020?

Well, a new year calls for a refreshment of style as well as a continuation of recent trends we’ve seen this AW19 such as the organza sleeve. This style has appeared in nearly every website I have browsed this week. For example, Topshop’s black polka dot organza mini dress is one of my favourites, though this was until it sold out within a mere two days. Fast fashion sites such as Misguided and PrettyLittleThing have also released organza pieces which will be undoubtedly popular with the younger generation until around early spring time.

it’s been a year of experimental and diverse fashion, and it doesn’t stop there

Furthermore, with AW20 around the corner, I believe its time to bring back some winter favourites. Whilst turtle and high neck jumpers have been very popular this winter, I have to admit, they’ve gotten a little repetitive. Therefore, AW20 calls for a new jumper style, such as the fisherman jumper. While you might usually picture these on an old aged man, they can be worn with style – simply scoop your hair in a bun, add some hoops and you’re ready to go. Additionally, a contemporary trend which I predict to continue into the early winter is bibbed style knitwear. These are sleeveless woollen vests which sit over blouses and thin tops and are trends I have seen in shops such as ARKET and COS. They are a piece of which adds an essence of quirk and eccentricity to an outfit whilst enhancing warmth and comfort, which is an essential need for those upcoming winter months.

As for summer, we know it can be both an exciting, yet sweaty time of year in which hair is our worst enemy. From headbands and scrunchies to bucket hats and bandanas, we’ve experienced a plethora of ways in which our hair can be styled, and this year calls for another style to be added to the list. We can look forward to the return of the sun visor. While this is a type of hat we are all guilty of wearing during our primary school sports day, it is a style which deserves a new revamp. It’s popularity with tennis stars such as Maria Sharapova as well as it’s light weight look is something of which we will be loving by summer 2020, especially during the Wimbledon season.

AW20 calls for a new jumper style, such as the fisherman jumper

Furthermore, 2020 calls for a new splash of colour. Previous years have incorporated pastels, neutral tones and neon – a colour of which I hope stays in the past. Therefore, I believe a new year means its time to indulge in more authentic and calmer tone such as navy blue. This has been, without a doubt, a favourite colour of mine since I started taking an interest in fashion. It’s juxtaposition against pale skin and blonde hair is something of which can create a contrasting yet bold look, especially when paired with other darker colours such as blacks and greys. It is a colour-combo which my mom lives for, and I can safely say it’s a combo in which she pulls off like the true fashionista she is. This colour I hope, will be prevalent from January to spring until the summer months.

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