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Single Review: Dua Lipa – Physical

Bridie Adams reviews Dua Lipa's latest single Physical
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Bridie Adams reviews Dua Lipa’s latest single Physical

‘Physical’ is the newest single from singer/songwriter Dua Lipa and is set to feature on her upcoming second album Future Nostalgia. Like her other hits, ‘Physical’ is a danceable track with a lively beat and energetic vocals. If you haven’t heard it yet, its excitingly colourful sound will leave you hitting repeat.

Dua Lipa’s music is the perfect soundtrack for a night out, with her last single, ‘Don’t Start Now’, and the track that sky-rocketed her to pop stardom, ‘New Rules’, being two of the most famous predecessors to ‘Physical’. Although ‘Physical’ has a pulsating, upbeat vibe that is hard not to enjoy, it can feel almost too loud and, at times, a bit tuneless, especially compared to some of the spectacularly interesting and unique melodies of her previous singles. Despite this, the music video is perfectly suited to the sound, with design collective CANADA’s use of eye-grabbing, bright colours reflecting the funky energy of the song.

‘Physical’ is a danceable track with a lively beat and energetic vocals

‘Physical’ has made me excited for the rest of Future Nostalgia, and we can only hope that the rest of the track list will be as catchy as what we’ve heard of it so far. Indeed, Dua Lipa is consistently conquering the charts and becoming a contender for the title of ‘Queen of Pop’.

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