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Frank Ocean – Cayendo Single Review

Joshua Fundafunda reviews one of Frank Ocean's latest singles
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Single Review: Frank Ocean – Cayendo

Source: Blonded – Youtube

Joshua Fundafunda reviews one of Frank Ocean’s latest singles

Frank Ocean fans were treated to another two surprise singles to satiate us while we’re all indoors. The first time fans heard Cayendo was through leaked recordings from one of Ocean’s club events late in 2019. This upbeat version of the track from Seattle producer-DJ Sango was a mixture of Brazilian dance house blended with Ocean’s pitched vocals. However, this official release, surprisingly is an acoustic version of the song.

It’s the kind of song you might want to hear sitting around an evening campfire

The muted guitar and effects-drenched vocals start the track, and it saunters along with a slow pace throughout. It’s the kind of song you might want to hear sitting around an evening campfire. Ocean changes pace a little, beginning the track in Spanish, speaking about the trials and tribulations of what could be a budding relationship, quickly going sour. Both Spanish choruses surround a short verse, this time in English, in which Ocean continues to lament his longing to share the love he has. The short track comes to a close as subtly as it began, with Ocean still lost in the emotions he feels and can’t express. The subject matter is nothing out of the ordinary, but the acoustics of the recording hold a lot of weight; the crackle of the recording, the tapping of a hand or foot in time with the song, the slide of fingers along the frets of the guitar all add to the experience.

We have more to expect from Ocean. These singles were released only once the vinyl records had been shipped to his fans who ordered them. They lack the quality that a mixed and mastered album song would have, it’s what gives them their charm, but Frank Ocean definitely has more up his sleeve.

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