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Home workouts to kick-start your isolation fitness

Alice Tait shares her favourite home workout accounts to kick start your isolation fitness
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Home workouts to kick-start your isolation fitness

Alice Tait shares her favourite home workout accounts to kick-start your isolation fitness

During lockdown, wondering how to fill one’s day can simply feel like an overwhelming task. Personally, I have found staying active has been a crucial way to help stay sane, and it gives me a much-needed sense of structure to an otherwise uncertain time.

Alongside the incredible physical benefits, perhaps most pertinently in our current climate, exercise can be a perfect way to clear your head and escape from the seemingly constant noise and confusion from the outside world.

Just five to ten minutes of exercise a day can help boost endorphins, increase fitness levels and improve your overall health.

There is an abundance of diverse workouts available online, with many fitness gurus posting fantastic home workouts almost every single day. Here are some of my absolute favourite accounts on both Instagram and YouTube:

Since the lockdown, I have been following fitness trainer Bradley Simmonds, @bradleysimmonds on Instagram, religiously. The fitness ‘influencer’ films at least one live workout a day, ranging from thirty-minute HIIT sessions, strength workouts and an absolute killer one-hour strength, HIIT and core workout, usually once at the weekend. Every week Bradley collaborates with other fitness accounts on Instagram, creating a great forum for his followers to discover more fitness instructors and find workouts to best suit their needs.

Belle Hutt, @bellehutt on Instagram, similarly posts live workouts several times a day. My favourite are her ‘sculpt’ workouts which are low cardio and seriously tone the body- usually focusing on the core, glutes and legs. For anyone who owns a resistance band, she also posts great workouts centred around them. Despite being in Amsterdam, her live workouts create a comforting sense of unity; I always feel part of a community as I work out with hundreds of others from across the world and read the motivational live comments.

Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube has been a long-time favourite. Her videos range in difficulty with some simply providing a much-needed stretch and others aimed at muscle growth or weight loss. Recently I have been enjoying her workouts focusing on calmness and stress-relief. I have also found the video ‘Mediation for Anxiety’ to be a great resource to help detach myself from the anxieties of the outer world and solely focus on my own mental wellbeing.

My final favourite is Pilates instructor @katiegrayfit on Instagram, who posts challenging yet enjoyable videos. Katie’s workouts seriously tone and build muscle, but also improve balance and flexibility. Some of her workouts are less than ten minutes long and are, therefore, perfect to squeeze into a busy day or add onto another workout. I find her ‘7 Min Full Body Wake Up’ IGTV a perfect way to start my day and help energise myself.

If you are just starting your fitness journey, wanting some workout inspiration or currently lacking motivation, I would highly recommend checking out these accounts.

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